Apiary Excellence

Systems for high performance beekeeping teams to manage thousands of hives, for profit.

Get everything done using a beautiful interface. 

Send inspection reports to your grandma or most valued landowner. It’ll work on their computers and phones.

All up in a cloud

Use the app to keep data offline while you do what you need throughout the day. Re-sync when your back online and your day's work is all backed up.

Share with others

Use it on your own hives or with everyone in the company. The system is scalable for operations with 1 to 30 beekeepers.

Create new hives

Onboarding hives and adding splits is easy because the app has been designed for low friction on critical functions.

Organize it all

Keep on top of landowner details, site Health & Safety, strong vs weak hives and where everyone is up too in their runs.

Filter your work

Use run groups and a range of colony specific filters to get to the right sites in the right order.

Speed up

Move hives and inventory between site quickly and effortlessly to keep stress low and productivity high.

Groups of apiaries

We call them run groups and they separate out different beekeeping units or regions in the organization - like a north team and a south team or a queen breeding unit and your dump sites..

They make scaling sweet

Because there are filters in the app and web that help you view only specific - relevant - groups of apiaries at a time.

Keep inactive sites and hives out of the way

We've made it easy to stay on top of your active sites and live hives list so that when it comes to filling your annual disease returns you wont have to stress.

Track your progress

See how apiary numbers and strengths change over time as well as a log of visits and notes against specific hives all the way up to the total number of hive inspections per month by group.

Get the team into the numbers

We supply a customized dashboard to put in your common space so the team can see what's coming up - in terms of order of apiaries to visit and gear needed at each - as well as how they are tracking compared to the other teams.

Turn it into a motivating game

Apiary excellence comes from the top down so we train everyone in the operation for their respective roles in making these hives humm.

Built in
New Zealand

That means it’s awesome. You can say what you want, but this is the home of apiary excellence.